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25 May 1986
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I'm not very good at talking about myself... Honestly, it's hard to say much without appearing conceited. Hm, I'm not exactly a rebel nor am I a conformist. I try to keep an open mind and well.. I SAY that I'll try anything twice (because the first time you're bound to be too objective) but... well everyone has their limits. I'm all about having fun and procrastination, and my friends will all attest to the fact that I'm a die-hard flirt and yeah.. a little tipsy. I love being sarcastic and anything ironic really 'grills my cheese'... I hope to become either an astronaut or a doctor... We'll see!

Quick Response Opinions:
War: Pacifist
Abortion: Pro-Life
Religion: Liberal Protestant (very loosely... hard to associate my beliefs with a religion)
Music: Any Kind
Economy: Capitalist with Socialist Tendencies...
Cloning: Not with humans
Education: flawed and minimalistic
Media: interferring and potentially harmful
Bush: Definite ANTI
Politcal Party: Conservative Democrat (Yeah I ride the fence)
Pop Culture: overrated
Sex: el mismo(the same)
Contraception: better than an unwanted child
And well, give me some more topics to comment about...

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Date Created:2-17-03
Number of Posts: 17

My face is but a facade - you see what I show you, you hear what I tell you ... but do you understand? Am I the only one that hears the tears run down my face?
Strengths: enhanced sensitivity to the emotions of others, a general openmindedness, creative and a bit eccentric in a positive way
Weaknesses: easily bored, obsessive tendencies, picky eating habits (strong hatred of onions), addiction to biting my nails.. (actually, the skin surrounding my nails), procrastination
Special Skills: Professional Procrastinator, Expert at Becoming Stressed, Certifiable Idealist and Dreamer, Voted most likely to slip on dog food and break my leg...
Weapons: Biting sarcastic wit, semi-photographic memory, my tears.. nobody likes to see a girl cry
I Hate: Running out of bubble gum, people who smoke cigarettes, busy schedules, failing tests, being lonely... but I love my boyfriend very much. Muah. No longer scared of love/relationships. Thankfully.

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